2024 Jetblaster

2024 Jetblaster - Playful Agility Meets Versatility

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The 2024 JetBlaster delivers an exciting, freestyle riding experience like no other sit down watercraft before.

Inspired by the agility and manoeuvrability of Yamaha’s legendary SuperJet, this craft combines the freedom of a stand-up with the versatility of a sit-down personal watercraft, to deliver next level thrills and performance.

The key to the unique performance and innovative design is the custom-tuned electric trim, built-in footwell chocks and raised action handlebars.

The electric trim gives the rider the ability to pop out of the water, do spins and other exciting maneuvers, while the built-in footwell chocks, located towards the rear of the craft, allow the rider to adjust their riding position when freestyle riding.

The wide mounted, high action handlebars, provide increased leverage over the craft, allowing the rider to quickly change direction and execute extreme moves with ease.
In addition to these unique features, the JetBlaster comes with an extremely light-weight and compact hull – combined with Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 High Output purpose-built marine engine – delivering an extremely powerful and agile on-water performance. 
Hitting the water has never been this much fun!

Length (mm)3140
Width (mm)1130
Height (mm)1150
Dry Weight (kg)249
Rider Capacity3
Engine4-stroke, 3-cyl DOHC, TR-1 Marine Engine
Displacement (cc)1049.0
Bore & Stroke (mm)82 x 66.2
CoolingLow-maintenance. Open Looped Cooling
Pump144mm Axial Flow
LubricationDry Sump
FuelElectronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Tank (L)50
Storage Capacity (L)29


Foot Chocks

The integrated foot chocks located at the rear of the footwells, allow you to redistribute your weight for a more secure stance when riding standing up - allowing you to perform more aggressive freestyle manoeuvres. 

Action Handlebars

The motor cross inspired handlebars are taller and wider, giving you more leverage over the craft, and the new performance grips reduce hand slippage and fatigue. The small switch boxes give the craft a cleaner, more sporty look.

1049cc Four-Stroke High Output TR-1 Marine Engine 144mm Pump

Powering the JetBlaster is the three-cylinder 1L Yamaha TR-1 High Output Marine Engine that is the most powerful motor in a compact-size watercraft today. Feeding this award-winning motor is a 50 Litre fuel tank allowing for a full day of riding. *Prior year colour shown.

Open Loop Cooling System

All Yamaha WaveRunners utilise open loop cooling, which is used by 99% of marine manufacturers. Open loop systems have been proven to be the most effective, reliable and maintenance free solution for marine environments, which means lower cost of ownership and less time off the water.

3 Year Standard Warranty

All new WaveRunners purchased through an authorised Yamaha dealer come with our 2 + 1 (3)Year Standard Factory Warranty. With the confidence of the industry’s most reliable brand behind you, you can kick-back and enjoy your time on the water. *Recreational use only. 

Custom Tuned Electric Trim

Exclusive to the JetBlaster, the electric trim is tuned to give you the ability to pop out of the water, do spins, and other high action manoeuvres. It allows you to transform the craft's riding characteristics from serious to playful and everywhere in between.

RiDE Dual Control System

Yamaha’s patented RiDEis the world's first dual throttle handlebar control system, that makes handling easy, fun and intuitive. Pull the right lever to accelerate and the left lever to decelerate and for reverse. Release both levers, or in any combination, and the system reacts with precise control.

Reboarding Step

Designed to make it easier to reboard your craft after a swim. Conveniently tucks away when not in use. Comes as standed on all JetBlasters. *Prior year colour shown.

NanoXcel2 Hull and Deck

Built from the same nano-technology as our race winning GP1800R SVHO and GP1800R HO, this ultra-lightweight and strong material compound delivers exceptional performance properties resulting in significant improvements in acceleration, top-end speed, fuel economy, and handling.

29 Litre Storage Capacity

With a 29 Litre storage capacity, the stowing of personal belongings and equipment has never been more convenient. The JetBlaster provides storage space in the bow, glovebox and under the seat.

Bow Storage

The bow storage allows you to store your on-water-essentials. This can be expanded to 20 litres with the installation of Yamaha's waterproof roll-top bag, which is sold separately. 

Race Performance Intake Grate

The race performance top loader intake grate forces more water up into the jet pump for improved hook up in all water conditions, while the extended pump provides the JetBlaster with improved handling and acceleration. *Prior year colour shown

Digital Instrumentation Display

Mounted in the stylish cockpit panel, the Multifunction LCD Instrumentation Display provides Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel Level and Hour Run information in a clear and easy to read layout.

Swim Platform

The platform provides plenty of room for reboarding or simply sitting back and relaxing after a swim.

Dual Rear View Mirrors

Incorporating Yamaha’s trademark compact and edgy design styling, the integrated mirrors not only look good but aid rider visual awareness and overall safety.

Race Performance Jet Pump

The JetBlaster comes with a pump extension for quicker response times and sportier ride. *Prior year colour shown

Two Tone Seat

The ergonomically designed seat has been designed to securely and comfortably seat up to three passengers, while also delivering a sporty feel for aggressive one-up riding. Easily accessible storage space is also provided under the seat. 

50 Litre Fuel Capacity

The JetBlaster goes longer and harder than any other watercraft in its class. It's large 50 litre fuel tank capacity and the exceptional economy of the award-winning TR-1 engine, means you spend less dollars at the pump, less time filling up and more time out on-water. *Overseas model shown.

Tow Hook

The strong tow hook allows the craft to securely tow an inflatable tube, wake boarder or skier for additional on-water excitement. *Prior year colour shown

WaveRunner Advantage

Not all personal watercraft are created equal. Find out why Yamaha WaveRunners continue to lead the personal watercraft industry when it comes to legendary reliability, quality, durability and resale value.