2023 SuperJet

2023 SuperJet - The Ultimate Stand-up Performer

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Inspiring a new generation of stand-up riding enthusiasts, the latest edition of the legendary Yamaha SuperJet comes with a pumping 3-cylinder, 4-stroke engine combined with a sleek and ultra-light hull – delivering blistering acceleration in the straights, and unbelievable agility, manoeuvrability and control, allowing you to carve through corners like never before.

With its redesigned wider hull, “L mode” learning feature and adjustable features, the SuperJet is now more accessible to novice and recreational riders, allowing every level of rider to experience the sheer joy and uniqueness that stand-up riding brings to the water. 

Length (mm)2430
Width (mm)760
Height (mm)790
Dry Weight (kg)170
Rider Capacity1
Engine4-stroke, 3-cyl TR-1 Marine Engine
Displacement (cc)1049.0
Bore & Stroke (mm)82 x 66.2
CoolingLow-maintenance. Open Looped Cooling
Pump144mm High Pressure
LubricationDry Sump
FuelElectronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Tank (L)19


Agile and Nimble Hull

The SuperJet hull is designed for greater static and dynamic stability while maintaining the SuperJet’s thrilling turning abilities. The turn angle of the adjustable steering nozzle can be set at either 16 degrees or 19 degrees. 

Fuel Gauge and Learner Mode

The SuperJet includes an easy to read fuel gauge and 'L' Learner mode for easier adaption to this all-out action style of riding.

Re-boarding Grab Holder

To assist with reboarding the craft a new integrated reboarding grab holder has been built into the deck.

Adjustable Handle Pole

The SuperJet features a three-position adjustable handle pole that can extend up to 50mm in length, with race-inspired handlebars. This adjustability is useful for all size riders and riding styles.

Performance Hull and Deck

The hull and deck of the SuperJet is 19 cm longer, 8 cm wider, and 13 cm taller than the previous two-stroke SuperJet. Amazingly, the new four-stroke model is only a scant 31 kg heavier than the two-stroke version, but with a massive power upgrade.

Open Loop Cooling System

All Yamaha WaveRunners utilise an open loop cooling system, as used by 99% of marine manufacturers. This system is proven to be the most effective, reliable and maintenance free solution for marine environments, which means less maintenance costs and time off the water. 

WaveRunner Advantage

Not all personal watercraft are created equal. Find out why Yamaha WaveRunners continue to lead the personal watercraft industry when it comes to legendary reliability, quality, durability and resale value.

3 Year Standard Warranty

All new Yamaha WaveRunners purchased through an authorised Yamaha dealer come with our 2 + 1 (3) Year Standard Factory Warranty. With the confidence of the industry’s most reliable brand behind you, you can kick-back and enjoy your time on the water. *Recreational use only. 

1049cc Four-Stroke TR-1 Marine Engine 144mm pump

The SuperJet is powered by Yamaha’s award-winning, three-cylinder, four-stroke TR-1 marine engine. This compact, lightweight 1,049cc engine delivers the exhilarating acceleration that stand up riders will love, throughout the engine RPM range.