Yamaha Motor Wins Globally Renowned Red Dot Design Award for 12th Consecutive Year

Electric TY-E 2.0 Trails Bike and NEO electric scooter take the honours

Yamaha’s TY-E 2.0 electric trials bike and its NEO’S electric scooter (with removable battery) have both received the globally prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023. This marks the twelfth consecutive year that Yamaha Motor has won a Red Dot Award for its products.

The Red Dot Design Awards, organized by Germany’s Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, are widely recognized as one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.


TY-E 2.0 electric trials bike

With its development concept of “FUN × EV,” the TY-E 2.0 aims to deliver fun that surpasses conventional internal combustion engines by leveraging the advantages unique to electric power, namely powerful low-speed torque and acceleration. In addition to its traditional outdoor use, the TY-E 2.0 has the potential to make trials more accessible and enjoyable as indoor motorsport. The design was inspired by the static and dynamic movements often seen in trials, such as suddenly scaling up a tall rock face from a standstill.


NEO’S electric scooter

In addition to its removable battery, the NEO features a simple, stylish body and delivers the type of agile, smooth ride that only an electric scooter can deliver. 

In Europe, this model is aimed at meeting the market needs of a new segment of customers looking for an attractive alternative to their car to avoid insufficient parking, traffic jams, and the ongoing changes in urban traffic regulations—such as the introduction of restricted zones.