Yamaha Motor Introduces flagship PW-X3 Drive Unit

All-new, class-leading model from the industry’s eBike pioneer

As the company that invented the world’s first Electrically Power Assisted Cycle (EPAC) nearly 30 years ago, Yamaha Motor is recognised as one of the world’s leading innovators in eBike technology. 

The eBike market is developing at an incredible pace as millions of customers all over the world experience the freedom and enjoyment that this accessible zero-emission transport has to offer. From being a niche market not so long ago, the eBike sector has grown year-on-year at a remarkable rate and is now firmly established as a mainstream business, with many new and established bicycle brands developing a range of outstanding next-generation models that offer reduced weight and increased performance.

PW-X3: Yamaha’s smaller, lightest and most powerful drive unit

Developed specifically for the next generation of European e-MTBs, Yamaha’s all-new PW-X3 drive unit is the company’s smallest, lightest and most powerful drive unit. Producing higher performance with instant power delivery, the ultra-compact PW-X3 drive unit elevates the feeling of rider-machine unity to a whole new level – an experience that Yamaha calls “Pure Ride”.

85 Nm of instant torque

PW-X3’s increased torque output of 85 Nm let’s e-MTB riders tackle steep gradients and sandy or muddy terrain with ease. Just as importantly the PW-X3 ensures instant torque delivery at the slightest pedal input and the strong and seamless flow of power reinforces the feeling that the bike is an extension of the rider’s body.

Yamaha’s lightest drive unit

Yamaha’s PW series models have always been amongst the lightest drive units and weighing just 2.75 kg the PW-X3 is 10% lighter than the previous model – giving an outstanding power to weight ratio for class-leading performance. 

Most compact drive unit

As well as being Yamaha’s lightest and most powerful drive unit, the PW-X3 is also 20% smaller than the PW-X2 model. Its more compact size is a significant factor that offers cycle manufacturers greater freedom to develop bikes with ideal frame geometry and suspension kinematics.

Best Q-factor

The PW-X3 drive unit continues to feature the 128 mm ISIS interface bottom bracket axle that gives the best Q-factor of any manufacturer. These dimensions have been used on every PW-X series right from the beginning and this layout is regarded by many riders as the ideal configuration.

Yamaha Interface X

New minimalist LED communication unit

Featuring a stem mount system that gives a clean-looking cockpit and handlebar area, Interface X is a minimalist and simple new LED communication unit designed to complement the PW-X3. A user-friendly remote switch is equipped with ergonomic mode buttons that enable fast and easy selection without the need for the rider to take their eyes off the track ahead, and colour-coded assist mode lights and a battery capacity indicator display easy to absorb information.

Yamaha collaborates with SIGMA, Garmin and Echowell

Yamaha has been working with a number of leading third-party cycle computer manufacturers in order to give customers greater freedom of choice when personalising their e-MTB. Featuring ANT+™ connectivity, Interface X offers full compatibility with third-party cycle computers, e.g. SIGMA, Garmin and Echowell. 


As the cycle industry’s leading innovators – Yamaha having invented the first eBike and SIGMA SPORT invented the first digital bike computer with the Cyclecoach – the two companies share the same strong pioneering spirit. It was a natural progression for these major brands to work together to ensure customised compatibility between Yamaha’s Interface X and SIGMA’s EOX VIEW 1300 for a unique customer experience.


Garmin is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative GPS systems and the company’s ANT+ wireless technology enables interoperability between multiple monitoring devices. Garmin’s Edge® 530, Edge 830, Edge 1030, Edge 1030 Plus and Edge Explore cycling computers are compatible with Interface X and support three profiles that provide a wide range of information to the e-MTB rider.


Echowell is based in Taiwan and supplies millions of cycle computers each year to customers all over the world. The company’s LEV100 eBike computer is designed to work with Interface X and can be set up to provide a wealth of information that keeps the rider informed.  

Yamaha External Crossover Battery 400

Easy to access external battery

Yamaha’s External Crossover Battery line-up is strengthened with the addition of a new and lighter new External Crossover Battery 400, which offers a number of advantages to urban riders, commuters and hire bike operators.

The external design makes it easy to access and remove with a key, making it ideal for situations where there’s no power supply in the garage or bike park. A carry handle makes the 2.8-kg unit easy to take to the nearest charging point, and the Lithium-ion 410 Wh battery can be charged in approximately three and a half hours

Total support for the eBike industry

The launch of the new PW-X3 drive unit reinforces Yamaha’s ongoing commitment to e-MTB manufacturers who are developing the next generation of lighter and stronger models. As the inventor of the original eBike concept, Yamaha has built up plenty of experience in this field, and the new drive unit – along with Interface X and the External Crossover Battery 400 – confirms the company’s total support for all OEM partners as well as new customers requiring premium eBike systems.