2024 GP 19HO

2024 GP 19HO - Normally-Aspirated High-Performance

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The 2024 GP 19HO (High Output) delivers all of the race winning features and characteristics of the unbeatable GP SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) – the world’s most successful race ski – powered by the all-new naturally aspirated, 1.9 Litre High Output marine engine.

This performance craft comes with a tilt-adjustable race inspired handlebar design, Connext helm control with multi-colour LED display,  built-in marine-grade Bluetooth enabled speaker system, the industry’s first Auto Trim function with Cornering Control and Launch Control modes, and a race designed intake grate and jet pump for class-leading acceleration.
The new larger capacity 1.9 Litre High Output engine, which replaces the former 1.8 Litre High Output marine engine, delivers quicker and smoother acceleration and higher top-end speed, for even more exhilarating on-water excitement.
All GP WaveRunner are compatible with Yamaha’s all-new RecDeck platform, allowing you to add Yamaha’s exclusive JetFish and lounge accessory packages, taking your on-water riding experience to the next level.   

Whether you’re into racing your mates, towing the kids, fishing or hitting the surf, the 2024 GP 19HO delivers race level performance in a fuel efficient, light-weight and versatile package.

Length (mm)3350
Width (mm)1240
Height (mm)1200
Dry Weight (kg)322
Rider Capacity3
Engine4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.9L High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
Displacement (cc)1898
Bore & Stroke (mm)86 x 78
Compression11.0 : 1
CoolingLow-maintenance. Open Loop Cooling
Pump155mm High-Pressure Axial Flow
LubricationScavenger Pump Assisted Wet Sump
FuelElectronic Fuel Injection
Fuel Tank (L)70
Storage Capacity (L)107


1.9L Naturally Aspirated High Output Engine, 155mm Pump

This new 1898cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Yamaha marine engine and 155mm high-pressure jet pump, replaces the 1812cc High Output motor that powered the previous year's HO model. This more powerful engine provides quicker and smoother acceleration and a higher top-end speed.

Integrated Speakers

All GP 19HO models come with Yamaha’s factory-installed, custom integrated Bluetooth marine audio system, which includes twin, powerful 4.5-inch fully waterproof marine speakers, integrated 2 channel (50 watts per channel) amplifier, easy access control pad and an integrated low-voltage regulator to protect the battery.

4.3" Connext® Helm Control

All GP 19HO models come with Yamaha’s 4.3” Connext® helm control with a multi-color LCD display. An easily accessible touchpad control provides convenient access to the many functions including a PIN code security system and DRIVE® Control that allows the owner to set top speed increments and acceleration settings from normal to slow. 

Adaptable Steering System

Working closely with our pro riders we developed tilt-adjustable race-inspired, motocross style handlebars. You can keep them low for tight circuits or high for stand up and long distance riding.

Race-Ready Deck Design

The deck design delivers improved rider ergonomics with deep and wide self-draining footwells and a seat design that improves knee grip and overall comfort. The hull features Yamaha's cutting-edge deeper V-shape Keel, modified hull strakes and softer bow chines, delivering excellent stability, nimble handling and precise responsiveness.

Race Performance

The race designed intake grate and jet pump allows less turbulent water to flow through the jet pump. The result is better acceleration and less cavitation in choppy water conditions. *Image for illustration purposes only.

Narrow and Deeper Ergonomics

The deck design delivers awesome rider ergonomics with deep and wide footwells, and the seat design provides improved knee grip and overall comfort, especially when cornering. *Previous year model shown

Launch and Cornering Control

An industry-first Auto Trim function includes Cornering Control, which automatically shifts the trim into the bow down position when decelerating for tighter cornering and a racy feel, and Launch Control, which automatically shifts the trim down to prevent bow rise when accelerating quickly.

Multi-Mount Capability

All GP models come with a multi-mount base allowing you to connect action cameras, fish-finders and other devices, using third-party (purchased separately) multi-mount connection systems. 

Ultra-Lightweight NanoXcel2

Yamaha's cutting-edge NanoXcel2 ultra-lightweight hulls and decks are 18% lighter than the original NanoXcel®. This advanced material compound delivers exceptional performance properties resulting in significant improvements in acceleration, top-end speed, fuel economy, and handling.

Self Draining Footwells

The self-draining footwells prevent water pooling, including while in storage. *Overseas model colour shown.

RiDE Dual Throttle Control System

Yamaha’s patented RiDETM is the world's first dual throttle handlebar control system, that makes handling easy, fun and intuitive. Pull the right lever to accelerate and the left lever to decelerate and for reverse. Pull both levers in any combination for enhanced handling, smooth deceleration and excellent control.

Reboarding Step

The GP 19HO includes twin reboarding handles and an extra-deep ergonomically designed soft-touch reboarding step, making climbing back on board extra easy and safe. *Overseas model colour shown.

Tow Hook

For additional on-water thrills and spills, the GP1800R HO comes with a strong tow hook which allows the secure towing of inflatable tubes, wake boarders or skiers. * Previous year model colour shown.

Three Person Sport Seat

The narrow race inspired two-piece, two-tone seat is ergonomically designed, textured and bolstered for grip, speed and comfort, suitable for recreational riding and racing. The seat comfortably seats three people. Separation of the front and rear sections makes maintenance and access to under-seat storage easy. 

Large Rear Platform

Roomy and comfortable, the large rear platform is the ideal place for soaking up the surroundings, getting in and out of the water or simply doing nothing at all. The decking platform is fitted with custom cut Hydro-Turf mats for optimum looks, grip and comfort. * Prior year model shown.

Large Storage Capacity

The bow, glovebox, and under seat storage capacity has increased by 15% on previous generation models, providing 107 litres of useable space. The bow compartment is now easier to access and has a dedicated area for Yamaha's cooler bag. The water-resistant glove box and under seat storage compartments include larger openings for easier access and improved usability. * Prior year model shown

Integrated Dual Mirrors

Incorporating Yamaha’s trademark compact and edgy design styling, the integrated mirrors not only look good but aid rider visual awareness and overall safety. 

Open Loop Cooling System

All Yamaha WaveRunners utilise open loop cooling, which is used by 99% of marine manufacturers. Open loop systems have been proven to be the most effective, reliable and maintenance free solution for marine environments, which means less money and less time off the water.

WaveRunner Advantage

Not all personal watercraft are created equal. Find out why Yamaha WaveRunners continue to lead the personal watercraft industry when it comes to legendary reliability, quality, durability and resale value.