#UnitedByYamaha Brand Campaign Released

Yamaha Motor Australia is proud to announce the release of its United By Yamaha brand campaign.

#UnitedByYamaha is a cross-platform framework motivated to unify Yamaha Motor’s customers, regardless of product association, as well as provide inspiration and opportunities to connect with each other.

At the core of the campaign is the #UnitedByYamaha brand film, dubbed the Campfire Convoy. The narrative is a tapestry woven around an all too familiar story about non-minimalist camping. What starts as a tight-knit family set-up, develops into a tribal Yamaha affair where an endearing storyline brings awareness to Yamaha’s ethos/spirit of passion while uniting customers and key product moments; all revealed through independent – but merging – storylines.

Supporting the brand film is a series of carefully crafted cinematic short films produced across Australia and New Zealand. These stories look to expand on the “uniting” of loyal community-spirited Yamaha customers and partners, all driven by the same resonating force and indescribable feeling.

Each short film narrative is delivered and supported through a powerful storyline and visuals. Undertones of Yamaha’s Long-Term Vision, Company Mission and uniqueness of brand are interwoven throughout. These short films are a vessel through which we can share how Yamaha Motor is acting on its Sustainable Development Goals.

The #UnitedByYamaha series of short films kicks off with Out There, an epic journey about Greg Yager and RideADV progressing female adventure riding. Next up is Fruits of Robotics which shines the spotlight on the UGV and UVV technology being developed by Robotics Plus Ltd in partnership with Yamaha Motor.

Short Film three is Momentum, the story of how two MX legends – Josh Coppins and Ben Townley – are moulding the next generation of New Zealand Racers. Number four in the series is Hooked, which surfaces the deep partnership between family-owned, Cruise Craft Boats and Yamaha’s reliability and technology.

Following Hooked is Life. This short film spotlights Yamaha’s incredible partnership with Variety Australia to enhance the lives of children with disabilities around Australia. From there the six-part series is rounded off with Cleaner Oceans. This film follows the amazing work Australian company Seabin is doing around education and technology to clean our oceans and waterways for generations to come.

To get a better sense of the #UnitedByYamaha campaign, watch the brand film or check out the first supporting short films of Out There, head over to our dedicated campaign webpage by clicking here.

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