Two Decades of Yamaha Financial Services

Yamaha Financial Services recently commemorated its double decade, the celebrations marked the 20-year anniversary of Yamaha Finance, that provides Yamaha owners with a wide range of finance and insurance needs, regardless of which Yamaha product they own. 

Twenty years earlier, at a North Sydney legal office, as pen was placed to paper to execute the official documentation that would bring Yamaha Motor Finance (YMF), officially to life, it was noted that the local Jacaranda trees were in full purple bloom. From that day onward, each anniversary has been affectionately referred to as Jacaranda Day.

It was a pleasant surprise to those who witnessed the flowering Jacaranda on that day, that the first contract issued by the new finance company was in line with a botanic analogy – great oaks from little acorns grow. It is Yamaha’s legendary entry-level motorcycle, the PeeWee 50 that holds the honour of being the first to be issued a YMF contract.  

Fast forward 20 years, and more than 100 Yamaha Financial Services staff, Yamaha Motor Finance (YMF), Yamaha Motor Insurance (YMI), and Australian Motorcycle & Marine Finance (AMMF) from around the country converged on the Wetherill Park, NSW, YFS offices for a day of celebrations and fun team-building challenges. An invitation to partake in a Jenga challenge against Yamaha Motor Australia’s Managing Director, Tom Okamoto, was enthusiastically accepted by many. The goal of the day was not only an opportunity for work colleagues from around the nationwide YFS network to meet face-to-face, but to ensure the 20th anniversary festivities would still be recalled and remembered fondly when the 30th anniversary celebrations are being organised.  

YFS’ longest serving employee Donna Smail also announced that she is keen to build on her 18-years with the company, targeting a 28th anniversary to celebrate alongside Jacaranda Day 2032.

Speaking during the event formalities, Kelly Fraser, Senior General Manager Yamaha Financial Services said that the first 20 years had witnessed significant changes and challenges, as any business would expect, but said that everyone involved should be proud of what has been achieved and what will be accomplished in the future. “There is a continuing increase in expectations from consumers, and they want things real time and at the touch of a fingertip,” Kelly added. “To meet these needs, technology and service standards for financial service companies are forever required to innovate and change to keep up with expectations and consumer sentiment. This is just one of our goals moving forward.”


Kelly also acknowledged the valuable contribution YFS staff and the dealer network, past and present, had made along the 20-year journey. “This achievement and special milestone would not have been possible without our internal staff, our Yamaha colleagues – including Ficeda Accessories – and our dealer network,” Kelly said. “As we reflect on our beginning, journey, we thank everyone involved for their ongoing support.”