Twenty Two in 2022 For Yamaha Racing

How many number 1’s can you get in a year? How does 22 sound?

The number 22 was certainly a lucky one for  Australia’s Yamaha Racing teams in 2022. That’s how many national championships were won by local Yamaha riders in in an ultra-successful year for the bLU cRU in all racing disciplines. 

Yamaha Australia has long been a passionate and committed supporter of racing and continues to embrace the origins of the company way back in 1955. Yamaha’s very first bike, the YA-1, was designed and built for racing and in fact, won its first event contested, the Mt. Fuji Ascent. Nearly 70 years later, that passion and commitment hasn’t waned at Yamaha Australia and the 2022 season was one of the most successful in our history.

The Foundations of Success
The three major factors in Yamaha Australia’s continued success in racing is simple. Consistent and on-going investment in our teams and infrastructure, providing a pathway through to the top for dedicated and talented athletes and more importantly, the right people pulling the reigns.

When other companies come and go with the interest and investment in racing, Yamaha stays the course. We develop our infrastructure, providing best possible teams and environment for riders to succeed. Our teams have been long term partners of YMA, CDR Yamaha have been in operation since 1992, Serco Yamaha started in 2002 as a supported Yamaha team while the Yamaha Racing Team formed in 2004. 20 years of experience is hard to beat and the knowledge within these teams is second to none.

As with all operations, the people are the real back bone. Management of a race team is a specialist job that covers many aspects, from identifying the rider talent, to managing the sponsorship and logistics, to pulling a team together and make it all work seamlessly. Yamaha Australia often looks to ex riders or athletes to oversee our racing operations as they have first hand experience. Craig Dack is a former Australian Motocross Champion. AJ Roberts was a multi time off-road champion who is now in charge of our enduro team. Even our Motorsport Manager, Scott Bishop, has a racing background.

Yamaha Australia was in on the ground floor of mapping out a pathway for riders to achieve success. We become internationally known as the “Step-up program” Yamaha Australia led the way in putting the blocks of success in place for riders and enable them to stay with Yamaha.

It started in motocross, where the CDR Yamaha team were and still are the desired destination of riders. But in order to get there, riders needed to a pathway from juniors through to professional level. Yamaha Australia instigated that pathway. CDR Yamaha remained the premier class (450cc) representative for YMA. Serco Yamaha come on board in 2002 for riders in the 250cc class, then by 2007, Yamaha Junior Racing and the Yamalube Yamaha teams were added and suddenly you could start on a Yamaha at 10 years of age on a YZ85 and still be on a Yamaha with the CDR Team 20 years later.

We now have a similar program in road and now off road. Aspiring road racers can start on the R15 in the OJC category, before moving to the R3 Cup and 600cc all with YRD support and then progress to the headline Yamaha Racing Team on the pulsating R1M.

In off road, Yamaha Junior Racing can handle the entry level, bLU cRU support assists those in their developing years, while the ShopYamaha team take care of some of the best off road riders in the world. 

This program is now used worldwide by Yamaha teams and proven to not only attract but retain world class talent.   

bLU cRU Rule
The history books will show the 2022 racing season was a very successful one for Yamaha Australia. YMA can lay claim to the fastest male and female in motocross, the fastest male and female in off road as well as the fastest man on the road. A massive 22 national championships were won by Yamaha riders and teams in 2022 and that is the result of the dedication and sacrifices riders, teams and families have made.

For the teams, its long hours in the workshop, weekends away from friends and families, days spent at the test track to ensure every ounce of performance is extracted from the bike.

For the riders, its laser like focus. It’s the dedication to training, riding, recovery, diet and the social sacrifices made to ensure they are the best.

For the families involved, it’s an all-in approach. Successful riders often have families that eat, sleep and breathe motorcycles and they are a massive part of their everyday life.

Aaron Tanti came from the clouds to win the ProMX MX1 championship. His progression since joining the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team has been nothing short of stunning. Charli Cannon is now on the world stage after her dominant performance in the Women’s division.

Kyron Bacon is the rising star of the off-road world and set to become a major player in the future. At just 19 years of age, he has already won everything there is to be won in the Australian Off-Road scene taking the grand slam of A4DE and AORC- class and outright- this year. The world is calling his name.

Mike Jones ended a 15-year draught for Yamaha in the Australia Superbike Championship. Against some of the toughest competition ASBK has seen, Jones proved fast and efficient on his way to the championship, winning four of the seven rounds and landing on the podium in another two.

Yamaha Australia would like to congratulate all the riders and teams that have represented us in season 2022 and thank them for the success. 22 championships in a season is a sensational feat that requires the perfect blend of rider, machine and team. In 2022, Yamaha had the rider, the machine and the team to win nearly everything contested.