Helm Master EX Now Guiding Marine Rescue

The successful applications for Yamaha’s Helm Master® EX boat control system continues to expand. It is now further improving on-water safety and providing peace of mind for Brisbane’s recreational boaters. 

The team from Brisbane Marine Rescue recently took delivery of its new, Brisbane built Woody Marine rescue boat fitted with the full Helm Master® EX system, controlling a pair of Yamaha 300hp outboard engines. 

Brisbane VMR’s president, Thomas Grice said joystick control provided by Yamaha’s Helm Master® system provides excellent assistance with rescue operations. “It’s especially helpful when dealing with the boating public out on the water,” he said. “Conditions can get rough out on the bay, but the Helm Master® system allows us to pull up alongside another vessel and sit steady while we chat with the occupants and coordinate a rescue – if that’s what is required.”

Thomas also revealed that the system comes in handy when they are towing stranded vessels home, with the navigation system that’s integrated into Helm Master® allowing them to set a course with a comfortable and steady speed.

Familiarising themselves with the new boat and the Helm Master® EX system at a recent training day, the volunteer crew from Brisbane Marine Rescue were amazed at how much easier and safer Yamaha’s advancements in navigation technology had made the sometimes-dangerous tasks they undertake.

“Even after this short time using the system, we can already see the benefits,” said Thomas. “When you’re under pressure in not ideal weather conditions, we now know we can rely on the boat as well as the Yamaha motors and Helm Master® system to hold us in position while we do what we need to do. It’s going to be a real game-changer for us.”

Stuart Smith, Commercial Development Manager for Yamaha Motor Australia was on hand to watch the volunteers from Brisbane Marine Rescue putting the new boat through its paces. He said it was great to see the Helm Master® EX system moving from a recreational application, into on-water emergency services such as policing and rescue work. “We need these guys when we are at our most vulnerable,” he said. “They need to be sure that the product they use is reliable and durable, and with Yamaha and Helm Master® EX that’s what they have got.”

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