HARMO Unveiled at Genova Boat Show 2021

Yamaha Motor’s HARMO: the innovative electric boat propulsion system showcased at Genova Boat Show 2021

For more than 60 years, Yamaha Motor has been at the forefront of engineering breakthrough and technological developments within the marine industry. Today, Yamaha Motor takes another step forward in electric marine propulsion: HARMO.

Next to Electric Drives this is an important milestone in the company’s and the industry’s journey to a more sustainable future. The accelerating interest to smart mobility and a changing mindset globally is fuelling the evolution towards more and “greener” alternatives.

While it keeps its commitment in securing combustion engines are evolving to be more and more efficient, Yamaha Motor has a world class foundation in electronic engineering, pioneering electric-powered innovations that include lightweight electric vehicles (LEV), golf cars, motorcycles, wheelchairs, drones and power assisted bicycles. This advanced technology delivers truly innovative and exciting products to the customer while supporting a global evolution; to find new and better ways of matching the Customer’s desires.

HARMO is a brand new integrated electric propulsion unit and steering control system. Featuring the brand’s signature engineering excellence and innovation, this next-generation control system platform demonstrates new capabilities in a market rarely impacted by such forward thinking electric technological improvements.

What is HARMO and why is it important?
HARMO further opens up the possibility to be at one with nature on the water. Whether that’s enjoying the Italian or Alpine lakes, admiring the world-renowned shoreline, or discovering hidden natural treasures on the Scandinavian archipelago, or still exploring Amsterdam canals, HARMO offers an ultra-smooth experience, in both fresh and salt water, so you can truly be at peace with your surroundings.

It is an end-to-end smart technology package consisting of an electrically powered propulsion unit, a remote box and a joystick for more intuitive operation. Electric motors provide a new dimension to your enjoyment of the water, being quiet enough that you can live the sounds of nature fully and undisturbed.

HARMO Innovations
The motor features rim drive technology for more efficient electric propulsion, when compared with a hub propellor of the same size. It is mounted around the outer edge of the propeller, allowing greater thrust at slower speeds when compared with traditional equivalents. As such, compared to standard Electric Drives, HARMO can be used to power larger boats (currently tested on up to 21 feet vessels) with lower power consumption, combined with the added benefit of reducing vibration and noise, moving almost silently through the water, and providing a far more comfortable experience.

The steering offers smooth manoeuvres and sharp, responsive on-the-spot turns thanks to a wide steering angle. The joystick control, based on the HelmMaster EX system traditionally only found on the Yamaha Premium and High-Power Outboard range, offers complete intuitive control and mastery of the boat with no effort, allowing you to enjoy your adventure without fretting about handling your craft.

HARMO is fitted in a very similar way to traditional outboards; via a transom bracket, and the unit has a tilt function to lift it clear of the water when not in use, or if a vessel requires beaching. Furthermore, the engine goes through the same stringent testing procedure as any other Yamaha Petrol Outboard, guaranteeing the signature quality of the Yamaha brand.

Respiro by Venmar
Built by the Italian boat builder Venmar, Respiro is the first vessel to be available with HARMO.

Founded in Venice in 1969, Venmar specialise in the design and production of both water taxis and unique private vessels. The heritage within the Venmar brand is evident in every boat, from water taxis to 12m private boats. Even today, these boats are handcrafted using traditional techniques and an exquisite attention to detail, making them an ideal partner for HARMO.

Respiro itself is crafted from carbon fiber and mahogany creating a monolithic hull which is incredibly stiff , and light at just 700kg gross weight.

HARMO and Respiro, in English breath, create a perfect partnership, with HARMO embodying its namesake – harmony. This bond represents not only being one with nature and the environment technically, but also empowering the owner to enjoy a unique tranquillity on the water. It is not about the destination, the breathless fast-pace every day we live, or the practicalities of getting from A to B – it is all about the beauty of the journey.

Genova Boat Show 2021
HARMO is a steppingstone into the electric propulsion market for Yamaha Motor, building on previous successes in the marine and LEV sectors and leveraging decades of experience to deliver something truly unique, a genuine breakthrough for customers to enjoy. that through the use of cutting-edge engineering, that system can provide a game changing experience for the boat owner. It also demonstrates the capabilities of such units in relevant marine applications and offers a notable technological development that bodes well for future contributions to this nascent but rapidly expanding market segment.

HARMO and Respiro will be showcased at the 2021 Genova Boat Show opening on the 16 of September and ending on the 21 of September.