COVID-19 Update: Servicing beyond 5km


Further to yesterday’s announcement, there has been some further clarity provided by government. Some are still being sought.

Servicing – Types Included
Please note this wording as circulated yesterday –

Boat maintenance: marine and specialist mechanics permitted to operate when required for safe operation including scheduled/logbook inspections.

This morning government officials, via a video hook up, confirmed that this extends beyond the reference to mechanics, and indeed covers all boat maintenance type services that provide a service toward safe operation. We’ve asked for the wording to be slightly adjusted so it is even clearer. We do however have confirmation that it covers all servicing and maintenance that impacts the safety and the resulting safe operation. (It will not include cosmetic maintenance that does not relate to safe operation).

Servicing – Beyond 5km
In terms of the 5km factor –

  • People are expected to have their boats serviced within 5km.
  • However, for many reasons relating to specialist expertise, or knowledge of the specific make/model/type, this will not be possible.
  • In that case, the boat can be transported more than the 5km limit. This is the same for cars. It is permitted.
  • The government’s preference is that they be transported by the service provider, however, that is not mandatory. Just preferred.

Servicing – On Water Testing

  • If an on-water test relates to servicing, and the on-water test is a requirement of the servicing process, then yes, it would be permitted.
  • The on-water test would go toward the safety aspect of the service and that would add to the case that yes, it can take place.
  • It must be with a COVIDsafe plan and permitted workers of course.
  • The customer cannot attend.