Listen up, boat owners!  Are you planning to buy a new  Yamaha outboard anytime soon? You’re in luck as Yamaha Outboards Australia offers the best deal ever!

If you purchase a new 150 to 300-horsepower Yamaha outboard, you will receive Free Rigging that is valued up to $4262!

And if you buy a pair of outboards, the value will double up. See below the complete details of the offer:

Engine Setup and Type

Free Rigging Components

Free Rigging Value


Single Outboard with Digital Electronic Control

CL5 Gauge

6X9 Single Digital Electronic Control Binnacle

6X6 Key Switch

Large Fuel Filter

16 Pin Harness


Single Outboard with Mechanical Control

Single 703 Mechanical

CL5 Gauge

Large Fuel Filter


2 x Control Cables


Twin Outboard with Digital Electronic Control

Twin 6X9 Digital Electronic Control Binnacle

CL5 Gauge Kit

6x6 Twin Key Switch

2 x Large Fuel Filter

2 x 16 Pin Main Harness


Twin Outboard with Mechanical Control

Twin 704 Mechanical Control

CL5 Gauge Kit

6Y8 Twin Key Switch

2 x Large Fuel Filter

2 x Harness

2 x Control Cables


This promo will only be available until the 4th of August, 2024.

Don't miss out on this offer! If you’re located in Victoria, visit us at Diptech Performance before stocks run out! We are an authorised Yamaha dealer, service, and repair shop located at 15 Miller Street Epping, Melbourne. We’ll be happy to provide you with more details about the promo; just shoot us a message here or call us at 03 8401 3956.