Yamaha’s Lady Anglers Making Waves

In an exciting move designed to provide Yamaha staff with a deeper understanding of the passion that drives our customer base, five Yamaha Motor Australia staff members from the Brisbane-based Marine department will participate in the 2023 Women’s Fishing Classic proudly sponsored by Yamaha Marine dealer, Wynnum Marine.

Kimberley Smelt, Brianna Delf, Annie Dixon, Melissa Millie, and Anna Tukavkin, all Yamaha Marine sales and marketing team members, have been entered into the tournament on behalf of Yamaha Motor Australia. While the fishing female five looked like a formidable team in their matching Yamaha Fishing Team shirts at the recent announcement of the project, each will compete individually for the stash of tournament prizes. For the 2023 tournament, the major prize is a Yamaha F20 outboard-powered Stacer boat provided by event sponsors Wynnum Marine.


Speaking at the initiative’s announcement, team member Kimberley Smelt revealed that whatever the five staff team members may lack in angling experience, they more than make up for their unbridled enthusiasm for the opportunity to get out on the water to represent Yamaha at this prestigious event. “Going by the carry-on to date in our team fishing strategy meetings, the challenge for me will be bringing this team – that have a heightened competitive nature – together as one force to be reckoned with out there on the water,” Kimberley stated “God help us if we actually do catch fish, as none of the team can fillet fish!”


Also speaking at the launch, Jason Harris – General Manager Sales and Marketing for Marine – revealed that the all-female Yamaha staff team is a project he is immensely proud of. “First and foremost, I’d like to see each team member enjoy the experience,” he said. “It’s through this enjoyment they will obtain a deeper understanding of what drives our customers’ passion.” This is the unique style of Yamaha.


Jason added that Yamaha’s Dealer Partner and event sponsor, Wynnum Marine, has been a long-term supporter of fishing competitions and customer events in the local areaWherever on-water activities are enjoyed, the Yamaha brand is always well represented, especially at fishing competitions such as the Women’s Fishing Classic. To have our female team members take part as an official Yamaha entry expands our support of the industry to yet another dimension.” 


Mr Harris also revealed details of the social media hashtag #yamahaladyanglers that will be used throughout the event, allowing everyone to tune in and track the lady’s progress.


Making use of the range of marine products available to our customers, which they support in their day-to-day roles at Yamaha, the women will target three on-water days throughout the four-week competition to tackle the Estuary and Offshore target species.


We wish the team the best of luck and look forward to following their progress via the social media hashtag #yamahaladyanglers and the Yamaha Motor Life Passion web page. (Link: https://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/about-yamaha/motor-life-passion)


About the Women’s Fishing Classic 

The 2023 Women’s Fishing Classic – sponsored by Yamaha Wynnum Marine – is being held in the Moreton Bay area of Brisbane, QLD, between 6 May and 2 June 2023.


The annual all-ladies fishing competition is designed to encourage female recreational anglers of all ages and abilities. While there is a competition element to the event, emphasis is placed on participation, enjoyment, and education. 


Visit the Women’s Fishing Classic official web page