Yamaha Day 1 July 2022

Yamaha Day 2022 celebrates the 67th birthday of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Join in the celebrations to win!

The day commemorates the birth of Yamaha Motor Company, formed on 1 July 1955 when the first Yamaha motorcycle – the YA-1 Red Dragonfly (Aka-tombo 赤トンボ ), rolled off the production line. 

Included in this year’s celebrations is a Yamaha Day competition. Open from 1 July until 31 July, 2022, entrants have the chance to win one of three $500 ShopYamaha gift vouchers. Full competition details – including Terms and Conditions – are available from the Yamaha Day 2022 Competition page

The theme for Yamaha Day 2022 is Ties In A New Age. A Yamaha Day landing page has been created featuring our Ties In A New Age Film. The short film and associated Ties Champions social media strategy have been designed to provide an insight into what Ties means to Yamaha staff and dealers.

What Ties means to each person will differ based on lifestyle, culture, age, and even the Yamaha products they own. Sharing these individual interpretations is the essence of the Yamaha Day theme.

The annual Yamaha Day celebrations are a global event encompassing all products – including music; a day when Yamaha globally celebrates its shared values of innovation, excitement, confidence, emotion, and ties. Injecting these values into everything we do meets the expectations of our customers and gives us the energy to drive towards even greater market competitiveness.

We look forward to celebrating 67 years of Yamaha Motor Company with the global Yamaha family.

Happy birthday Yamaha!