Yamaha Announces 2017 WaveRunner Line Up

Yamaha Motor Australia is thrilled to announce the WaveRuner line up for 2017.

The 2017 range is the most comprehensive line up ever offered by Yamaha Motor Australia. Highlights of the 2017 range include the relaunch of the legendary GP high performance product line and the introduction of the all new EX platform, a smaller craft offering an exceptionally fun and responsive ride. With a line-up that caters for all riders from beginners, family riders, weekend day tripper, freestyle sports enthusiast, racers, and serious tourers, the 2017 Waverunner line up is the most highly anticipated release in many years.

All new EX Range

The new EX models put the “personal” back in “personal watercraft” with a smaller, lightweight design, while still maintaining the stability, versatility and full three seat configuration that make Yamaha WaveRunners great for the family. The EX has been designed to deliver unmatched agility and exceptional fun on the water.

All EX models are powered by Yamaha’s 1049cc, three cylinder, TR1 engine. The TR1 delivers responsive performance, great reliability and exceptional fuel efficiency making the new EX series economical to own and enjoy.

Two models in three colour options will be available in Australia. The EX Deluxe will be available in two colour options, Azure Blue Metallic and Silver Metallic with Torch Red Metallic. The base model EX is available in Pure White with Green.

The EX Deluxe features Yamaha’s ingenious RiDE dual throttle control system. RiDE stands for Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics and allows the rider to simply pull the right hand throttle lever to go forward or pull the left hand throttle lever to slow down and go in reverse. Let go of both levers and the watercraft is in neutral. The right and left throttle levers can work in any combination at speed, giving the driver maximum control over their ride.

The EX offers Australian customers a new and easy way to hit the water, delivering excellent value while maintaining the high quality that Yamaha WaveRunners are renowned for. While the EX is a great option for first time buyers, these models will also be extremely popular among more experienced riders who crave the excitement, direct control and the feeling of being in tune with the machine that these small watercraft deliver.

All New GP1800

Yamaha’s first “GP” badged models were released 20 years ago, delivering incredible power in a compact body designed for acceleration and agility. The GP name immediately won hearts of riders chasing the ultimate racing edge and adrenaline fuel performance. After many years out of the line-up, the legendary GP makes a triumphant return in a new form delivering new performance and new features to build on the proud legacy of the GP name.

The new GP1800 utilises the design of the VX hull, one of the best handling hulls Yamaha has ever designed. This hull design features modified hull strakes, softer bow chines, and a performance driven keel shape and for the first time, is being constructed with Yamaha’s NanoXcel 2 hull material. NanoXcel 2 is a nanotechnology-engineered FRP material that delivers extremely strong and lightweight hulls, decks and liners. The use of NanoXcel 2 in the GP1800 has reduced the overall weight to just 349Kg allowing these models to benefit from huge power to weight advantages.

The all new GP1800 combines this exceptional hull technology with the ultra-high performance of the SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) engine to deliver the ultimate race inspired combination. This big displacement, 1.8 Litre, four cylinder, supercharged engine has been designed specifically for the extreme demands of personal watercraft application. This exceptional power plant has dominated the race scene in both Australia and overseas since its introduction, delivering incredible power and acceleration. The addition of the 160mm high pressure pump allows the SVHO to transfer big power to the water.

With addition of RiDE dual throttle controls and electric trim the new GP1800 is an incredible all round machine that will be hugely popular for among racers, weekend riders and water sports enthusiasts. With the benefits of all this technology brought together in one package, the new GP1800 is a machine that will need to be ridden to be believed.

FX Series

Yamaha’s range of FX SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) and FX HO (High Output) models remain fundamentally unchanged however aggressive new colours and graphics add to the appeal of Yamaha’s flagship model range.

The FX SVHO continues to offer luxury high performance through the use of lightweight NanoXcel 2 construction and the 1.8 Litre, supercharged, SVHO engine. The FX HO continues to offer luxury and versatility with the efficiency benefits of the 1.8 Litre naturally aspirated HO engine. All FX models offer top line features including cruise assist, no wake mode, electric trim, large rear swim platform with reboarding step, 125.5 litres of storage and the choice of sports or cruiser models. All FX models feature RiDE dual throttle controls for intuitive control of forward and reverse thrust using separate throttles on the right (forward) and left (decelerate and reverse).

VX Series

The global best-selling VX platform returns in 2017 and is available in four configurations in the Australian market, VX limited, VX Deluxe, VX and VXR, all with new colour and graphic options.

The VX Limited and VX Deluxe offers customers top level features and comfort in great value packages including cruise assist, no wake mode, two tone seat, low RPM and security mode with remote transmitter and 93.2 Litres of storage capacity. The Yamaha VX delivers exceptional quality, finish and features in a basic package that has proved exceptionally popular for recreational customers and hire operators Australia wide.

All VX models offer the benefits of RiDE dual throttle controls and are powered by the award winning TR-1 High Output three cylinder 1049cc engine.


Yamaha’s VXR continues to stand in a category all of its own, delivering a unique blend of muscle craft performance from a naturally aspirated 1.8L high output engine. The combination of the VX hull with the 1.8 Litre HO engine allows riders to enjoy thrilling performance and handling while still enjoying the efficiency benefits of this remarkable motor.

In 2017 the VXR will be made available in two striking colour variations, carbon metallic with electric green and carbon metallic with lava.

The VXR features RiDE dual throttle controls along with electronic trim. The VXR also features and race bolstered tow piece seat, nanoXcel construction and chrome accented components to add to the aggressive styling of the craft.


The legendary Yamaha SuperJet returns in 2017 unchanged from 2016 featuring a black hull, white deck and unique blue and orange graphics. With awesome performance from its proven 701 CC two stroke engine the SuperJet continues to deliver a ride like no other.

The 2017 model range is excepted to hit Australian shores in late 2016 with new model GP1800 and EX models expected early 2017. A guide to the models and colours that will be made available to Australian customers can be found below. Final Australian pricing is yet to be announced.

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Yamaha Announces 2017 WaveRunner Line Up