WaveRunners continue to set the benchmark

When it comes to personal watercraft (PWCs), no brand can compete with the legendary reliability, incredible versatility and premium performance of the Yamaha WaveRunner.


Since launching in the early 90’s, Yamaha WaveRunners have built an enviable reputation for producing the highest quality and best performing PWCs in the industry, ensuring they continue to attract the highest resale values in the market.


It starts at the engine, which is built to the highest exacting standards in our dedicated factories in Japan, the home of engineering excellence.


The secret to why Yamaha WaveRunner engines continue to perform, when others fail, is because all WaveRunner engines are purpose-built specifically to operate in marine environments. As opposed to modified land-based engines used by some marine manufacturers, Yamaha WaveRunner engines can handle the most corrosive and wet operating environments, to ensure they continue to perform long into their life. This means less breakdowns, less costly maintenance and more time on the water.


As a leader in four-stroke marine engineering and development across all forms of boating and personal watercraft, Yamaha continues to develop the most fuel-efficient engines in the industry.

Additionally, Yamaha WaveRunners engines use an open loop cooling system, as used by 99% of marine vessels. This style of cooling has proven to be the most effective, reliable and maintenance free way of ensuring a marine engine remains cool and running efficiently.  This is in direct contrast to radiator style, closed loop cooling systems, used by other manufacturers, which are prone to breaking down and require expensive ongoing servicing and maintenance.


Yamaha WaveRunner have also been the leaders in hull material development, technology and design. As the only PWC manufacturer to use full-scale high-compression moulding, Yamaha is able to deliver the most consistent and highest quality finish in the industry. Yamaha also used advanced SMC and NanoXcel technologies to produce extremely strong and lightweight hulls for maximum power to weight and handling performance.


When it comes to proof of performance, it is the racing scene that shows up the pretenders to the winners. Over recent years Yamaha WaveRunners have completely dominated the race scene taking out Australian, US and World Championships in 2017, 2018 and 2019, in the pro stock short circuit and enduro classes. Yamaha has become so dominate that in most cases they completely take out all three podium positions.


The winning doesn’t end there. Yamaha has been awarded the ‘Watercraft of the Year’, for an unprecedented three years in row, by the industry’s most authoritative magazine, the Watercraft Journal. The world championship winning GP1800R has taken out the award in 2017 and 2018, while more recently the VX Cruiser HO has taken out the 2019 award.


Whether you’re into racing, long distance cruising or having fun with the family, no craft can deliver on all accounts, as the Yamaha WaveRunner.