Tuning Fork Bio

Yamaha Motor Has Established A New Company in the Medical and Healthcare Field That Will Specialise in Antibodies

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the establishment of Tuning Fork Bio Inc. in Delaware, USA. The new company will analyse the antibodies in blood to better visualise people’s health conditions through its antibody profiling business. 

The main target markets for this new company are the U.S. and Japan. Using Tuning Fork Bio’s antibody analysis technology and expertise, antibodies–a type of protein–that manifest for specific diseases are selected and compared with a patient’s antibodies to study their current health condition, i.e., antibody profiling. This information will bring benefits to health checkups conducted by medical institutions, help in selecting the best drugs for patients, and aid in new drug research by pharmaceutical companies.

Tuning Fork Bio will launch its business in collaboration with the Translational Research Center (hereinafter, “T.R. Center”) at Fukushima Medical University. The T.R. Center has developed protein microarrays utilising technology that transfers proteins onto glass slides at high densities (more than 10,000 types). By measuring the binding state of proteins (antigens) on the microarray with the antibodies in the blood, it is possible to comprehensively search for the antibodies an individual has in their body. Exceeding 20,000 types in total, the number of protein samples the T.R. Center has prepared is among the highest in the world (according to Yamaha Motor research) and includes not only human proteins but also proteins from viruses and bacteria.

Tuning Fork Bio analyses protein microarray data using proprietary bioinformatics technology to select antibodies suitable for use as indicators, i.e., biomarkers, for assessing health conditions, diagnoses, etc., and constructs systems applicable for performing diagnoses.

By comparing an individual’s antibodies with data when sick and data when healthy, we can make health risks easier to perceive. Tuning Fork Bio aims to offer diagnostic services aiding more positive life planning for people by helping prevent the onset of sickness and facilitating the selection of medications that best fit each individual’s conditions.

Yamaha Motor Establishes New Company in the Medical and Healthcare Field Specialising in Antibodies