Race Report – Yamaha stands on podium despite bad luck on Sunday the 13th

Following his blazen performance at Round 3 of the NSW PWC Aqua X, Mitch Wayt was eager to start the 2016 QPWC (Queensland Personal Watercraft Club) Series on a high-note with his Stock-Class FZR, and his “developmental-stage” Open-Class FZS SVHO tuned by Worx Racing.

On March 13 2016, Mitch Wayt #16, raced in Round 1 of the QPWC Summer Series against some of Australia’s best riders.
It was a strong showing, with over 50 entrants congregating at Redcliffe, Queensland for the first round.

Mitch raced his Stock-Class 2016 FZR SVHO in Stock Runabout in Moto 1, until debri in the pump forced him straight after the first moto. Luckily he was able to ride a team mate’s 2015 FZS SVHO in stock-class Moto 2 and Moto 3 to finish the day on the podium, on the borrowed ski.

Mitch also rode his “still-in-development” Open-Class 2015 FZS SVHO in the Open-Class Runabout Closed-Circuit. Unfortunately badluck plagued the champion on that WaveRunner too, forcing him to retire with a mechanical issue after Moto 2.

  • Stock-Class Runabout Closed-Circuit – 2nd | 1st | 2nd = 2nd overall
    Mitch started the day against 9 other competitors in the Stock-Runabout Closed-Circuit Class.
    Moto 1: Due to the larger than usual grid the Moto 1 start was delayed, leaving Mitch #16 idling on the beach while he waited for the start. Yamaha’s Technicians believed that this prolonged idling on the beach caused the ski to suck up debri into the pump, clogging the system. The debri caused a significant performance issue, and as a result Mitch was down on power in Moto 1 and was only able to finish Moto 1 in 2nd position. Under the advisement of his Technicians, Mitch retired the FZR SVHO and turned to team mate – Mitch Casey #94, who generously loaned Mitch his 2015 Stock-Class FZS SVHO.
    Moto 2: With Mitch Wayt #16 at the controls of the unfmailar/borrowed FZS SVHO #94, he was able to start Moto 2 and fight through the grid to finish an impressive 1st place.
    Moto 3: At the beginning of Moto 3 the points were tied with veteran-racer Guy Greenland #20, also on a FZR SVHO. Mitch rode the final Moto on the borrowed FZS SVHO, to finish in 2nd. This earned the 2015 Champion 2nd overall; an impressive effort considering that Mitch was unfamiliar with the FZS SVHO he borrowed from Mitch Casey #94.
  • Open-Class Runabout Closed-Circuit – 2nd | DNF | DNF = 5th overall
    The hotly contested Open-Runabout Closed-Circuit Class saw some of the best racers on the east-coast on the start grid.
    Moto 1: The start of Moto 1 saw Mitch Wayt #16 out wide at corner 1, which forced him to drop back into 5th position. Despite the disadvantage, Mitch was able to muscle his way to finish in 2nd place.
    Moto 2: Mitch started Moto 2 in similar fashion. On the last lap, Mitch was fighting hard in 3nd until a mechanical issue forced him to retire just before the finish-line.
    Moto 3: Did not start (DNS).

Despite the run of bad luck on the 13th of March, Mitch was able to fight hard to finish in 2nd overall in Stock-Class; on a borrowed FZS SVHO.

Yamaha would like to congratulate Mitch Wayt #16 on his impressive racing at the QPWC Rnd 1. An impressive feat condisdering that he was racing a borrowed FZS SVHO during most of the day. 

Yamaha would also like to thank Mitch Casey #94 for generously loaning Mitch Wayt #16 his FZS SVHO to finish Moto 2 and Moto 3.

 Mitch Wayt #16 Race Results: QPWC Summer Series – Round 1 – 13/03/2016 
 Race Class Type Moto 1 Result Moto 2 ResultMoto 3 Result  Overall Result
 Stock-Class Runabout – Closed Circuit  2nd 1st 2nd 2nd
 Open-Class Runabout – Closed Circuit 2nd DNFDNS  5th
 DNF = Did Not Finish / DNS = Did Not Start