Grant Denyer Versus The Desert

Dancing Under The Stars

“I thought I’d made the worst decision in the world. It got on top of me both physically and mentally.” Despite tackling some of the fastest and fiercest racing circuits in the world, behind the wheel of a V8 Supercar,  Grant Denyer, admitted that the Simpson Desert nearly broke him. 

A 20-year involvement in motorsports along with his love of the great Australian outback combined to offer Denyer his biggest challenge yet. Three days and nights battling the 176,500km2 of red sandy desert in central Australia that straddles the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland. “I love doing what others can’t or won’t,” Denyer explained while reliving the great adventure. “The Simpson is a hardcore place to manhandle a motorcycle, particularly when you don’t have a support vehicle. You’re taking a chance with it, and it’s kinda nice to walk up to the line of danger and put a toe over it and hope for the best.”